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Delivering Really Good Pizza, Really Fast

You see we had this little nagging question in our hearts for years… could we bring a little more quality and local freshness to fast food? Could we deliver food, fast, that’s never frozen or reheated but that’s just honest-made-from-scratch goodness? We had to try. We started making pizza dough that we perfected with lots of trial and error in our own kitchen and sauces with the very best tomatoes - including a vodka sauce you gotta try - and salads with lettuce from local farms… we started tasting what we made and got pretty jacked up and couldn’t let this little dream go. 

…And the vibe. We didn’t want it sterile like so many other places. We wanted warmth, great lighting and good music so you could stay and savor the food and good company. Add in some craft beer and wine and a hand filled whoopie pie and we’re hoping you’ll leave feeling real, real happy. 

So here’s to listening to those little nagging dreams in your heart and, inch by inch, having the courage to bring them to life to share with the world. Even when you’re not quite sure how it’ll all come together. The world needs your dreams. We’re so happy to be sharing ours, OakCraft, with you today.